Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tom can read?

It's the weirdest feeling, having a friend say they like what you wrote. Especially one of your guys, your homies, your brudders from another mudders. Case in point, my friend Tom. Tom is in the army. He's high speed, Rangeriffic, leads the way all the way. And I hear that he not only reads a lot, but liked what I wrote?

On the one hand, hey, alright. Thanks, man. On the other hand... Tom can read? You have to understand the relationship between us - us being all of my friends. We drink and make fun of each other. Constantly. "Dumbshit" is a term of endearment. A fun, memorable night should involve a) bleeding from the face, b) "Wow, did I really say that?" or c)bar tabs that we cant afford. Sometimes they're all interconnected.

So to not only have proof of something so nerdy as writing genre, but to have it read and then liked? Weird as hell. But it's a good weird.

Of course, it's criticism from a friend, which will always be good. I suppose it's biased, by in On Writing, King said something along the lines of "would you rather have some random asshole critique you first?" I suppose he is right.

Now I've just gotta get the damn thing published. Anyone want to take a risk on a newcomer, nothing under his belt and nothing to his name? Come on. It worked for JK Rowling. I think Clancy and Grisham were more or less the same way. I'll knock your damn socks off if you give me the chance.

Wordslinger-117 out.

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