Saturday, July 3, 2010

S for Sucks

So I heard about this awesome deal for the new Xbox 360 at Gamestop. Trade in your old one, get a hefty dose of credit to a new 360 S model. The one with the 250 gig hard drive and built in wi-fi. So today I call and see what's up.

Yes the deal is still on.

No they dont have any in stock.

No they wont be getting any that I can buy.

Yes they will get some more. By the end of the month. When the deal is over.

And nobody else has them in stock either. I still have a functioning 360, so it's hard to bitch too much. Still, when you can get a brand new console for about $125 bucks and it costs $125 to upgrade to the new features, it kind of makes your soul hurt.

Good times, right? I wonder what Microsoft has to say about this. Probably the same thing Nintendo had to say: "Wow. Didn't expect THIS much demand!"

Just thought I should share my agonizing, soul crushing pain with everyone else.

Wordslinger-117 out.

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