Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I feel bad for my keyboard

Sometimes I feel like I dont pay it enough attention. It's there and shouting "Hey, remember me? Remember all that shit you've got in your head? I can get it out for you." But then I look at it and say "Silly keyboard, if I do that, then I'll just obsess over it and want to get it perfect."

And that doesn't happen. You don't get things perfect, you get them to the point where you go "Alright, maybe..." and then you send it off for someone to read it and hopefully they think "Alright, maybe..." and we're back to square one of waiting for that reject slip.

Damn, that's pretty pessimistic, huh? A bit too George McFly. I just don't think I could take that kind of rejection.

But I do have an odd relationship with the keyboard. It wants me to use it, and when I use it, I beat the poor thing relentlessly. And then I saw what I beat out of it and beat it some more. And it never complains. I think it likes it.

The dirty thing.

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