Monday, February 28, 2011

What is this funny feeling in my tummy...?

Go to my email inbox. I see 'From: Sara Ferguson, Editor'. I think "Another rejection slip. Well, at least they got back to me at a good rate."

I read:


This is in response to your submission, “Castle Heldeur ”. We are accepting your submission.

I'd like to thank the Academy.

My first acceptance. It's a little online e-zine, maybe not so little really, called Necrology Shorts. They also have a Kindle deal where it will go out to subscribers on their kindle. I don't get any money, but my name is now out there. My work is published. You like me! You really like me!

So keep an eye out on for the debut piece of Michael Futch: 'Castle Heldeur'.

And thank you, Sara Ferguson, for reaffirming that yes; I am an author.


  1. So so so so so proud of you babe! This is just the beginning!

  2. Congratulations Michael! I just totally tweeted this to my INCREDIBLE, ASTOUNDING number of followers (*cough* 19 *cough*) and am subscribing to the necrology feed just so I can see your name and accomplishment in my inbox.

    What a great, great piece of news. You deserve this. Congratulations <3

  3. Thank you to all my fans out there. Even the ones who don't yet know they're my fans.

    Also, again, I'd like to thank the Academy.